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Volant launched it’s website, which allows owners of any  Volant Cool Air Intake system to share their impressions on the system and how they use their vehicle. The site has a few Featured stories from a Sales Rep, General Contractor and a Business Owner. The interactive site makes it very easy for customers to post their testimonials directly to the site. Visitors can upload images and information,  upload a YouTube video, or use their computer’s web-cam to make and upload a video.

Testimonials that are approved and published to the site, will be eligible to win one of many prizes, including a new Volant Cool Air Intake System and Ram Air Scoop, a Volant Filter with PowerCore Filtration Technology, a Pre-Filter cover, Vortice Throttle Body Spacer, Super Tip polished stainless steel exhaust tip, or a $50 gas card.

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Written by DS Media Relations

Watch The Video To See How To Share Your Story

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