Add A Volant Filter With Donaldson® PowerCore® Filtration Technololgy

Just because you don’t have a Volant Cool Air Intake System, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Donaldson® PowerCore® Filtration Technology. Volant offers a variety of replacement filters that allow anyone using a non Volant, aftermarket air intake system to upgrade to Donaldson® PowerCore® Filtration Technology.

These replacement filters come in a variety of sizes to fit multiple applications. But most importantly, allow you to enjoy superior filtration efficiency of 99.97 percent, and up to 100,000 miles of use without cleaning or oiling.

The filter is much more efficient than standard cotton/gauze media and uses air channels that trap lots of dirt, without restricting airflow. In addition, the filter is impervious to water and never needs maintenance.

To find out if you can take advantage of Donaldson® PowerCore® Filtration Technology on your air intake system,  measure your current filter’s flange, base and top diameters. Then measure it’s length and compare those measurements to the Donaldson® PowerCore® filters listed on Volant’s site HERE.

There’s a variety of straight, angled and offset filters available that will fit your application. Then simply remove your original filter and replace it using a Volant filter with PowerCore® Filtration Technology.

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Volant Donaldson® PowerCore® Filter Swap

This aftermarket intake currently uses a cone-style cotton/gauze filter but can be easily swapped to using Donaldson® PowerCore® Filtration Technology.


Volant Donaldson PowerCore filter swap

Simply loosen the filter clamp of your existing cotton/gauze filter using a screwdriver or with an appropriate sized socket wrench


Volant Donaldson PowerCore filter swap

Remove the cotton/gauze filter from your intake and measure the base, top, and flange diameter. Then measure the filter's length.


Volant Donaldson PowerCore Filter Swap

Once you find and order the appropriate size filter on the website, simply attach it to your existing air intake system.

 PowerCore ® is a registered tradename of Donaldson Company Inc.
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