How to properly clean and re-oil your Volant Pro-5 filter

Volant’s Pro-5 filter offers five layers of protection with four cotton/gauze layers that limit air-flow and a single synthetic layer that catches very small particles of dirt. This design is more durable than other cotton/gauze filters and requires maintenance once it gets covered in dirt. To properly clean and re-oil the filter, follow these steps:

1) Remove the filter from the Volant Cold Air Intake and shake or tap the filter to remove any loose surface dirt.

2) Use a fine brush to gently take off any extra dirt. Don’t use too much force here, just gently remove any extra debris that may remain on the stainless steel mesh outer screen.

3) Spray Volant’s air filter cleaner generously over the pleats and allow it to soak in.

4) Gently rinse off the filter from the inside out using warm water. Never use high pressure or allow the filter to soak.

5) Allow the filter to air dry in the sun.

6) Once it’s dry apply Volant air filter oil across each pleat. Allow it to soak in and the blue dye will help you see areas that need further application. This prevents you from adding too much oil.

7) Once it’s dry, reinstall the filter back into your vehicle.

You can follow these steps outlined in our video to see the proper technique.


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